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Almarine-Mitcham Boats / Re: The Gault Foldable Boat
« Last post by BN on August 23, 2020, 08:27:20 AM »
Hi, sorry for late reply.

The Gault was a short production run boat made in liaison with Shell Petroleum and patented by Robert Gault who lived at 12 Ranmoor Cliffe Rd, Sheffield S10 3HB in 1982. It was patented in the USA on the 7th December 1982.

The actual designer is unknown, but more than likely was Robert Gault because he was the patent holder.

I have put more on the main web site:
If you have or had a contact, it may reveal more than I ever could. Thank you - BN
Almarine-Mitcham Boats / The Gault Foldable Boat
« Last post by rik1p on August 18, 2020, 11:01:35 AM »
My Father-in-Law has just given me his Gault Foldable boat. I'm trying to find out some more information about it. It's in great condition with the original instructions/bag etc. I believe he was related to Robert Gault.
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by BN on August 11, 2020, 07:11:40 PM »
I have some data that I will publish on the web all about the boats, but too hot at the moment sitting at a computer.
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by Tarquin on August 10, 2020, 10:20:49 AM »
A couple more photos from way back in 2012, before she was stripped in readiness for the refurb that is yet to happen, and one from the weekend!
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by Tarquin on August 10, 2020, 12:59:02 AM »
Glasweed 06...LOL! :D

I've not made any more progress in finding the true maker of 'Martini'...

Having joined a number of Facebook groups both here and across the pond, reviewed new and old comments from other forums, and searched every 60's speed boat manufacturers original catalogue that I can find, i've come to the conclusion that she is a one off, prototype, DIY job, loosely based on the Glasspar G3 hull.

Further inspection still suggests she is early 60's, even the old 'new' floor looks to be 50+ years old. A near identical vintage Aquameter speedo is listed as from the 50's-60's.

It was always my intention to do her up to tiptop condition - something I am not remotely capable of doing myself so would require more than a few shillings to be paid to specialists - but in the current climate, with my business treading water for at least the next 6 months, i've put her into storage with a view to re-visiting the project at a later date.

It would be easier for me to sell the trailer and send 'Martini' to the knackers yard so another side of me is holding the thought that somebody with the my vision but with the ability to do her up may read this and step forward to take on the challenge!

I'll add the latest photo tomorrow... 8)
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by BN on July 24, 2020, 08:24:28 AM »
So many boats in that era were copied, but altered slightly so as not to breach copyright. It is like Albatross, Belton copied them in wood and Ray Wright worked for them and built the Delta when he left, but all looked so similar.

Mitcham Marine made a small speed boat and so did Apollo and they are similar. The Seafire had identical relatives in Germany and Holland and so it went on. It might have been that because there was no CAD, the imagination was not so fired up in those days for boats. Personally, if it is a classic and the boats are fun, I simply find it very interesting.

I think you could call your boat a Glasweed 06  :D
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by Tarquin on July 23, 2020, 10:25:34 PM »
Many thanks. I appreciate yours and everyone's efforts in trying to work out the maker. 8)

I found this today, on a Weedo GT page (the similar looking boat I put the YouTube video up for)...

There have been many different stories surrounding the creation of the Weedo GT. Several vague and more or less correct theories have been presented. It is alleged to be a plagiarism of the American Glaspar G3 or of the Belgian copy of Glaspar that was imported to Sweden under the name Fiber Fleet. (I think mine might be a Fiberfleet) It has also been unclear who was the designer of the boat. And why are there no boats under production number 100? Weedo GT has in turn been plagiarized on a large scale and today there are many boats on the used market that are sold under the well-known model name but which are of a completely different manufacture. Some of them can be a Coronado GT, a Corall 14 or something completely different home construction.

...then further on in the story...

Lennart removed the bottom of his Glaspar G3 and made a completely new hull with step moldings and a strong v-shaped bottom. The sharp bottom angle was 24 degrees. The tire also got a new look with strong anti-slip protection. Possibly the deck was redone in an attempt to hide that the boat took its shape over the waterline from Glaspar G3.

Full article here:
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by BN on July 23, 2020, 02:51:27 PM »
It takes years sometimes to get the real facts. Many classics were built on a production line, but by humans and not computers, so will be the same company, but parts may be the same but do not swap from one boat to another. The screens are just one example. I have been researching classic boats for years and still I find some that look like another model or visa versa. The Spitfire and Apollo is one example.

Not all boats that look similar are necessarily prototypes either?
Your boats is a real anomaly and it would be great to find its maker. The Belton was the best find I made and then to find it was a wooden copy of Albatross was even more interesting, the story goes on.

So if anyone out there can tell us exactly what Tarquins boat is exactly, brilliant.
New Members Say Hello Here / Re: Greetings from an Essex newcomer...
« Last post by Tarquin on July 23, 2020, 01:49:12 PM »
The BatBoat photos are from long before I got her, although the outline of the logos could be seen under the hastily brushed overcoat of what looks like Dulux gloss. The attachment of 'Martini' stickers on the sponsons to give her some elegance prior to being used during Henley Regatta! Again, not by me I hasten to add..........

Definitely G3 design principles here, but I guess the only way to know for sure is if somebody recognises the inners as typical of a certain brand. On the photos i've seen online a stripped out Glasspar hull of the same period has a different composition/layout of the timbers. The sponsons on the G3 are more refined, the bow and foredeck a little sharper and topdeck completely different

I'm still leaning heavily towards her being a prototype - forerunner of the Weedo GT with connections to Belgium via Larsson and Glasspar? Does anybody have any contacts in that part of the world? Hercule Poirrots phone number perhaps?
Wanted items for boats / Windscreen wanted
« Last post by Sparrowhawk on July 22, 2020, 12:46:39 PM »
Hi there...

Any unused windscreens going for a 60s/70s speed boat??

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